Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Zombie Apocalypse rant and how Awesome I am!

Okay, first of all...I don't actually believe in everything I write about. (just most of it) With that being said, let me just vent here for a little while okay because my face book friends SUCK. I mean that shit too!

Being a writer is about having an imagination. If it wasn't about that, than books and movies would suck too. I KNOW there is no such thing as zombies but I'm trying to have an intellectual conversation on face book about the Zombie Apocalypse and the only responses I get are from close-minded people who want to argue the ridiculous side of it (which is my side.) My posts are not meant to be taken literal...anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I am full of it the majority of the time. (Full of it and AWESOME) See...I know how to pick myself back up!

Once again - my face book friends suck and I am reminded WHY I choose to have my own blog with readers that have the same cool imagination as I DO. 

SO...I have a project for you guys.... in the comment section below - leave me your theory on what is going to cause the Zombie Apocalypse. The only cool response I've gotten so far is a theory on Flu Shots. I have just watched The Chernobyl Diaries and it was beyond awesome and has inspired this post. Had I been watching it alone and in the dark, I would have freaked out a little more but The husband was on the computer playing a game and the lights were on and I was distracted by a headache from fumes my husband hid in the house to try and kill me. That is MY THEORY...because apparently no-one else in the house can smell these fumes but me...

Leave your theory folks! I will do a HUGE post right here on blogger about the Zombie Apocalypse once I receive your awesome responses and give credit where credit is due! 

Enjoy this last week of boring September BECAUSE.....
It's almost October!!!!! 
The most awesome time of the year...scary movies all month, cooler weather, awesome yard decor and Halloween! If I'm not inspired the most in the month of Oct than I never will be folks! 


  1. The Zombie Apocalypse will most likely be triggered by a mutated virus, possibly a biological weapon gone awry, but there's also a chance that a dormant sequence in the human genome will be the culprit.

    In the genomic variant scenario, genetically modified plants cross-pollinating with natural species and then being ingested by humans and animals could trigger dormant viral dna in humans and other primates (zombie chimps!). We share a lot of genetic material with viruses and most of the genome is apparently either noise or information added for error correction via redundancy checks.

    Also, the genome variant zombies would likely be faster and stronger than your typical movie zombie. Scaaary.

    No matter the cause, we're clearly talking about a mutation triggering the development of a genome-altering virus, whether it's from animal or experimental vectors or biological warfare, it's clearly gotta be "a germ thing" if it's communicable by biting.

    I've also recently discovered evidence that suggests an extraterrestrial origin is possible, or a reawakened virus that has lain dormant under a glacier and is released by Global Warming.

    Oooo! Better get to the pub!

  2. My theory is not really zombie persa. but I kind of agree with the flu shot or some kind of implant or maybe even some kind of thing releases in the air. I guess I dont really know but it will be done secretly and sneaky could even be in the food. it will be in something everyone needs.What a great way to knock out a population.

  3. That's some good stuff guys....Darryl your comment was NOT surprising! Very knowledgeable...per usual!
    What in the world would happen if terrorists hit our water supply? Now THAT would be a way too! :-)

  4. Deforestation, and the supply of oxygen is running out on earth.

    Good luck with this!