Friday, July 13, 2012

A Friday the 13th Tribute to My Favorite Horror Movies


I always get excited any time I see that there is going to be a Friday the 13th in any particular month. As a child, it meant something fun and exciting that my mother would plan for the two of us. Most times we would get junk food, order pizza and marathon as many Friday the 13th movies we could stay up long enough to watch!  As I got older, I kept up with the tradition of Junk Food and Movies. However, this Friday the 13th...I decided to do a tribute to my all time favorite horror movies. There are so many and I would like to share them with you guys. 

  •   What kind of Horror Tribute would this be if the first one on my list didn't go to the Original Friday the 13th...although I have to say... the 2009 Remake was not half bad. One of my very favorite ones was Friday the 13th Part 7. The main character (besides Jason of course) is a teenage girl who suffers from telekinesis. I wish I could move stuff and kick someone's ass using only my mind!

  • I was so impressed when Rob Zombie started filming and directing his own horror movies. With is demented and warped know the result is going to be ingenious. His Remake of Halloween followed by Halloween 2 was beyond Awesome. It gave you a look through Michael's eyes, the why's the how's and so on. With this being said, I have to include House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects as well...I'm not even sure how I felt after watching The Devil's Rejects other than for the first time ever...I wanted the bad guys to win! 

Top Left is Michael as a child
Top Right is Laurie Strode, Michael's baby sister in Halloween II
Bottom Left is Rob Zombie and Dr. Satan on the set of House of 1000 Corpses
Bottom Right are The Devil's Rejects: Baby, Captain Spaulding, and Otis

  • The Amityville Horror has always been a classic fav of mine, partly because it's a true story. Well...the story of what happened to the family is true. I don't think anything after the original was good at all. There was one about a clock that was pretty interesting but other than that...the Remake was the only other awesome Amityville Horror movie that makes my list. Image Below of the Original:

  • Pet Semetary - one of the very best horror novels/movie that Stephen King ever made! Any one who personally knows me knows that King is a literary horror genius to me. I love him and want to meet him one day. I first watched this movie when I was 10 years old and images of "Pascow" the dead kid who haunts Louis Creed and Rachel's sister, Zelda, haunted me for years and still do at times. I think a lot of us will agree that Pet Semetary tops a lot of charts when it comes to the best... 

  • As a child, I loved horror movies very much. My mother was flexible because she loved them as well. But there were a few that was off of them being "I Spit On Your Grave." At the age of 29 I saw the previews for the Remake and thought...there it is! And I'm finally old enough to watch it! With this in mind, as soon as it came out on DVD, I immediately watched it...and could not believe my eyes. IF you can get past the terrible unspeakable things that those men do to that girl..IF you can just handle it for a minute...the movie takes you to the best revenge scenes you will ever be a part of witnessing. 

*Keep in mind I cannot include captions so I'm having to make do with what I can.*

  • For years I've always wondered...what if we are wrong? What if all those crazy people in the insane asylums are NOT really crazy. What if they really are seeing things that we can't see? WHAT IF?? So when the movie Gothika came can imagine my excitement! Halle Berry did a fantastic performance with Penelope Cruz in this movie and it didn't hurt that my very favorite actor from the 80's, Robert Downy Jr. played a part in this as well.. "You can't trust people who think you are crazy." Favorite Quote in this movie by Chloe to Dr. Miranda Grey 

  • Bringing in An all time favorite Vampire movie "The Lost Boys." I am a huge Vampire fan but nothing has beat this in my book. I do have one other I need to mention on this topic and that is 30 Days of Night. Best Vampire Movies (In my opinion) of all time. Calm down y'all...I loved Salem's Lot, Dracula and all the classics but in MY mind's eye...these 2 topped it all for me and my thoughts of how and what vampires really are...

  • What is a favorite horror movie list without Stephen King's Children of the Corn and Carrie? Again, as a child, Children of the Corn's Issac was always the scariest dude ever to me. And it is definitely something that could actually happen in real life...except the whole "He who walks behind the rows.." thing. As for Carrie...I love anything to do with Telekinesis. I think its awesome and I wish it was a real thing so I could do it. I'm so ready for the remake which is filming right now as we speak!

  • I Want to mention 2 old Classics that one you might have never heard of and it doesn't make too many favorite horror movie lists. Probably because it's cheap and cheesy but also happened to be one of my very favs at the ages of 12-13." Slaughter High"..."Heeeeeere's Marty!" Yeah you kinda got to watch it to get it and The other being, "SleepAway Camp." I honestly can say I haven't seen a crazier girl than Angela in any other horror movie since...she definitely is something to remember!


  • What's scarier than giving a real life creep out there demented ideas such as the "Saw" series did? I was at a point in my horror movie watching where nothing was impressive to me anymore...until "Saw" was released. The 1st and second were the very best to me...but once they killed off Jigsaw...enough was enough. 
  • "The People Under the Stairs." Unbelievably, there are people out there who have neither seen or heard of this old classic horror. If you are among these people than you should definitely give it a try. I loved it back in 1992 and I love it now...but keep in mind I have different taste and style when it comes to horror...
  • "Nightmare on Elm Street." Did you really think I was gonna leave this one out?? I have lots of favorites in this particular series and the Remake is NOT one of them. It was stupid and the voice was not even the same making it completely NOT the Freddy Kruger we all know and love. The first was my very favorite...Nancy was awesome and no one else kicked Freddy's butt quite like she did...
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose...need I say anything else? I didn't sleep for weeks after watching this. To me, it was scarier than The Exorcist and I know a lot of you are shaking your heads at me but dang! That's what I think about when I think of possession! Oh and it's REAL too...I mean just like at the girl. It was NOT EPILEPSY you idiots! (not y'all, the prosecutors!)

She also spoke in like 7 different languages but yet they still refused to believe AND still said it was the Epilepsy. So apparently, Epilepsy makes folks geniuses with incredible knowledge...

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leatherface was, is and will always be the best and most awesome killer ever! He's hilarious and look at his family! Bet they have some interesting dinner table conversations...I really liked the Remake but again, the Original in this one always wins out. 

  •  There really are just too many to name so I will end this post with 2 more that I really enjoyed throughout the years... "The Night of the Living Dead" and "Cabin Fever." I am a HUGE Zombie fan but I get so disapointed on a regular basis at the amazingly stupid movies they come out with now days regarding when I think of awesome Zombie movies...The Night of the Living Dead" always comes to mind. Cabin Fever was pretty awesome in it's own as well although it has nothing to do with zombies and mainly is about a flesh eating disease. It was different and scary with a funny twist at the end! 

Like all the other horror fans out there, I am sure y'all are as disappointed as I am that there seems to be a HORROR DROUGHT lately. I don't know what the deal is, but I am waiting any day on something...anything! 
Hope you guys have enjoyed my honor of Friday the 13th! I really love this topic and would love to hear some of my readers favorite horror movies as well if you would like to leave a comment below and let us know! Thanks for Reading and to ALL my new readers from Book Blogs...You are all Awesome and Amazingly Supportive! THANK YOU!

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  1. I frickin LOVE this post! lol You seriously crack me up, and I can't agree more on the exorcism of emily rose. O_O Let's sleep with the lights on, shall we? lmao

    I am by no means a horror fan because I value what little bit of sanity I have left (and it ain't a lot), but this post was awesome and I read through the whole thing. :)P

    My only demand is that you blog MORE!

    New Follower Here. (My blog is super new and is for book reviews, but I have been feeling inspired to branch out as of late.)

    **Side Note for Authors**

    As a loyal and avid lover of literature, a Mother of 4, and an aspiring writer (maybe one day) myself, I want you to know that when I start a review after finishing a book, I take a couple of things into consideration.

    First, I understand that when you publish a book, you are putting yourself out there in every possible way. You are giving a piece of yourself to the public, and taking a gamble on whether or not it will be received with open arms. That has to be nerve racking. That's why my reviews will always be written with that in mind. If I don't care for it, I will be polite as possible and let you know. I won't rip up your work and bring you to tears for everyone to see. My point can always be made while remaining tactful.

    Secondly, not everyone has the same taste in writing styles or fantasy. I get this, which is why I can say that I can adore the style of writing, but maybe not like the storyline so much. Don't be discouraged, just chalk it up to our tastes being different. You still have my respect, and I will wait for another piece of your work to come out. ;)

    Thirdly, any review or correspondence I have either for or with you, might at times, come off as a little obsessive, borderline stalker-ish, a tad like brown nosing, or god forbid like ass kissing. This is merely because I have found something that I am so excited about, that I turn into a squeeing fan girl and want to shout from the highest rooftop, that I have found something amazing. I can't speak for all bloggers, but when it comes to any kind of newly discovered awesome, but I want to bring it into the limelight and get it all the attention it rightfully deserves. This would include you and your books. :) Scouts honor, it's nothing more than excessive adoration.

    Lastly, I just want to say that communication for me is a key piece in all of this. Life gets in the way of things sometimes and we all get slammed with unknowns once in awhile and it can hinder our performance. Please just try to be understanding, and know that once given a task, I will deliver as promised, and if for any reason I can't, I will contact you immediately with details. Another thing is, please be clear and concise about what you want and expect. I am decent in the psychic department but that's only with Toddlers and my husband. haha The rest needs to be spelled out in black and white otherwise you might get something you didn't ask for. =/ I will always openly communicate with you and I will be more receptive to working with you in the future if you openly communicate with me.

    Melissa @Spews of My Views

  2. Hi Amber!

    I loved your post. As a fan of horror myself, I had to leave a comment.

    Hope you don't mind :)

    Just so you know, I've had a black cat all my life (unfortunately, my beloved Doris passed away a few weeks ago), and that was never a bad thing.

    As far as horror movies go, I have to agree with you, there has been a lack of good ones. Hope that can change quickly!

    If you feel like stopping by my blog, please do. I'm definitely following you :)

  3. Hi Amber! I feel at home in your horrifying {in a good way:} blog space!
    You paid homage to a world of horror film that I happen to tremendously love. Friday the 13th done with perfection, so looking forward to upcoming post. J.R. Randle

  4. Hi you guys! Sorry, I've been on vacation for a week and just now recently got enough energy to get on and take a look at my comments! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. There is definitely more to come! I've come to the conclusion that if we want some horror...we need to recreate it ourselves for a while! Silent House! Just came out and can't wait to check it out!

  5. I love all things paranormal so I always thought of Friday the Thirteenth as a fun day and also a great time to have a scary movie marathon!

    New follower via GFC and Linky followers. I would love it if you could stop by my blog sometime(:

    Katie @

  6. Great list!!!There are some I havent seen and will now watch...I agree about the Devils Rejects and we are not alone in our empathy for the bad guys - some expert filmmaking there by Zombie!!!Children of the Corn is one film I just can't watch again - so freaky...I have to disagree with you on Emily Rose - the film is very different to what happened in real life (to Anneliese Michel) and if you know anyone who has worked in a psychiatric hospital they will tell you what extraordinary things patients can do at the height of psychosis.She was A SEVERELY depressed young woman who diagnosed HERSELF as possessed....most priests who saw her refused an exorcism.She had gone through almost a year of exorcism which is not a gentle process and was chronically underweight at her death (from malnutrition and dehydration).It was probably some deep seated guilt and the effect of her strict catholicism which started and exacerbated her mental problems - very religious catholics are known to self-harm from guilt. Ironic that she eschewed medicine in favour of superstitious religious dogma which was the root cause of her illness and inevitable death. Her 'demonic' voice was the result of parched and overused vocal chords.When my son was 2, it took 5 nurses to hold him down to attach a drip - seemingly weak and small people can possess remarkable strength.aHope this sets your mind at rest....there is enough real evil in the world without stories of unreal things....
    Dr Jane Stewart

  7. I suppose you could be right Dr. Jane. I have no clue about such things other than what I have seen and personally I've done no research on Anneliese Michael. I've watched the film where supposedly her real exorcism took place but I didn't know whether to buy into it or not. I can only IMAGINE the things that doctors have seen or experienced with patients at the height of psychosis. Most of my belief's in possession are exaggerated I must say because of the movies that portray them. However, I do "believe" in demonic possession to an extent. Thanks for your feedback and kind words! Look forward to hearing from you on future posts.