Thursday, November 13, 2014

Intro: An Interview with Charles Manson's Grandson

Intro: An Interview with Charles Manson's

                                              Grandson: Jason Freeman

*A Word To My Readers*

       Charles Manson. You have all heard of him. Through true crime novels, documentaries or from his mug shot being displayed in a lineup in our History's "Most Notorious Serial Killers." You all know that name.

          I have always had an interest in learning all that I could about the mind, life and crimes of Serial Killers. Most of my research has been mainly open and shut cases, leaving very little to have to figure out.

          I must confess, the name "Manson" has always stirred up grisly images and preconceived notions whenever I would hear it. It also stirred up a lot of questions. In an attempt to find a few answers, I began doing my own research on Charles Manson and the Tate/LaBianca Murders. Well.... if you call "buying into all that the media exp0oses to the public" factual research that is. I drove my husband crazy by watching every interview I could find, night after night, and even kept a file documenting each "cult members" accounts of the events that transpired on the nights of August 9th and 10th, 1969.

          I started to realize that all I had really been gaining from my hard work was more confusion, more of a thirst for truth and more of a need to come to my own conclusions.

Charlie and Rosalie
Wedding Day
          My quest for truth took me in a new direction. I threw out all of my research and decided to start from scratch. What I needed was inside information. I needed to find someone who was just as thirsty to have the truth told as I was to learn it. Through exhaustive efforts I managed to track down Charles Manson's actual grandson, Jason Freeman. Jason's biological father was Charles Manson Jr. ( also known as Jay White.) Jr. was born in 1956 to Charles Manson and Rosalie Jean Willis, his first wife.

Rosalie ( Jason's Grandmother ) and Charles Manson Jr.  (Jason's biological father. )
          I was granted an interview with Jason and will be posting it right here on my blog as my next post. After many weeks of correspondence with him, we have decided to give his story more of a voice and continue working together once this interview has been published.

         You see, I will be sharing with you guys a small glimpse into the life as told from the third generations eyes. His story involves a path that began with family secrecy, unanswered questions about this own historical bloodline, fear of failure, strength and his rise to fame. The path Jason Freeman walks now is of a positive mind set. He speaks out on how he got to this point in his life and will take you along during this very detailed interview - giving you a chance to see WHY he believes that making the decision to know and create a friendship with his grandfather is all a part of God's plan and is changing his life for the better.

          He has managed to change quite a bit of my own perspective involving Manson.... Hopefully together we can change yours!

* For more of a glimpse inside what is only the beginning of the whole truth.... follow me/become a member or simply check back here in the next couple of days for the exclusive unedited interview with Jason Freeman... Charles Manson's Grandson. *

Jason Freeman

" I know now... that the path my Grandfather chose.... was not his fault." - Jason Freeman



  1. Can't wait to read the rest!

  2. I would love to know more about Jay White. I dated a "Jay White" late 80's or early 90's in the San Fernando Valley who also committed suicide. He was a good man with a huge heart and thinking back there was a shielded quiet side to him.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and the possibility of putting my unknown puzzle pieces together.